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Fellowship | Book 

Moving Mountains is an AHRC fellowship that anlyses how communities across the world make life in the tracks of mountains. Mountains are conceived as static and stable entities, and yet they move, and when they move, they can unleash untold destruction in the form of earthquakes and landslides. This fellowship analyses the legacies of these movements as they unfold over multiple generations to inform place-making practices. Using methodologies from the arts to borrow concepts from the earth sciences, I scrutinize the roles of collective memory and the geological imaginary in living with landslide disasters. For the current iteration of the project, I am working with case studies from the United Kingdom (Aberfan) and Peru (Yungay). My findings will be collated in a book and a series of articles. Previous research has been conducted in Colombia (Armero) and Venezuela (Vargas).

You can follow how the project develops on this webpage and on Twitter @mountsmoving

Moving Mountains: Work
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