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I have published widely in leading academic journals on political and environmental issues in literature, film, society, and history. You can view my CV and publications on There is more information about the papers and talks that I have given on my University of Leeds profile

I often comment on current affairs in Latin America for media outlets including BBC 5 Live, BBC World Service, BBC Arabic, BBC Wales, Sputnik, and TRT World. My writing has appeared in specialist outlets such as Art Monthly, New Internationalist, BBC History Magazine, and e-flux. My archival research has featured on BBC Radio Leeds. I have introduced films and prepared notes for screenings at cinemas, festivals, and film clubs across the United Kingdom. I regularly give presentations on my research in diverse institutional settings.

Here is a snapshot of my media work: 

'Mariana yn Aberfan'Heno, S4C, broadcast 8 November 2023

'History on Repeat: Aberfan and Mariana' with Diana Salazar, New Internationalist, 3 November 2023

'Is the fate of the Amazon at risk?' The Newsmakers, TRT World, 18 August 2023

'Letter from São Paulo', Art Monthly, May 2023, No. 466

'Before and After? Temporalities of Disaster'e-flux, April 2023

'Peru: On the Edge of Democracy', BBC History, March 2023

'A letter to my lifelong sidekick'The Guardian, May 2019

'Made in Chihuahua: Films, Funding and Frontiers in Northern Mexico'Mediático, March 2019

'Roma'The Conversation, January 2019

'Venezuela: A Hundred Years of Turmoil', BBC World Histories, January 2019

'Is there any stopping Venezuela's descent into turmoil?', BBC History, May 2017

'Venezuela's military has been getting stronger since the days of Hugo Chávez'The Conversation, August 2016

Some of the work I have done for film festivals and cinemas includes: 

Introduction: ContactadoViva Film Festival, Home, Manchester, April 2022

Araya: Sisyphus in the TropicsHuman Resources, Close-Up, London, March 2021

Introduction: WiñaypachaViva Film Festival, Home, April 2020

Introduction: Birds of Passage, Bird's Eye View, Hyde Park Picturehouse, Leeds, May 2019

Lecture: Revolution in Film, Viva Film Festival, Home, Manchester, April 2017

In 2023, I have delivered the following guest lectures:

'A Fitting Tribute: Tip Removal, Land Reclamation and Conservation as Memorialization after the Aberfan Tragedy'
Cardiff University

'Trust After Disaster: A Case Study from the United Kingdom'
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

'Wandering and Sleeplessness: Performance as Research in Remembering and Re-enacting the 1970 Peruvian Earthquake'

World Ends Day

'Ríos vivos, tierra viajera: Colaboraciones curatoriales con territorios en movimiento'

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

'Godfrey Bingley and the Late Nineteenth-Century Geological Imagination'

History of Geology Group, Geological Society of London

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